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Harrison Ford dons a milk mustache (Photo)

Harrison Ford sports a milk mustache in his "Got Milk?" ad. Got Milk?

(CBS) Harrison Ford has two starring roles this summer - one in the science fiction/Western flick "Cowboys & Aliens," and the other in an ad for the "Got Milk?" campaign.

Ford is the latest star to pose with a milk mustache for the long-running series of ads.

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The copy on his ad reads: "Action! 9 out of 10 Americans aren't getting essential nutrients we need. That's a serious gap. But just one more serving of nutrient-rich milk a day for you and your family can help fill it. So here's the direction: Pour one more."

For his participation in the campaign a donation was made to Operation Smile, an organization that helps treat facial deformities, such as cleft lips and cleft palates, in children around the world.

"Cowboys & Aliens" hits theaters on July 29.

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