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Hamas TV Pictures Promotes Female Suicide Bombers Squad

(Al Aqsa TV )
Al Aqsa TV released pictures of female suicide bombers at the begging of the Israeli offensive in Gaza and posted the tape on a video-sharing website. The women warned that they would detonate themselves into Israeli soldiers if they try to break into their homes.
Three masked women made brief statements before the camera, in front of a Hamas banner, with their hands resting on their Kalashnikovs.
The first one identified herself as Um Suhaib and said she has already lost right members of her family during the current Israeli offensive. She pledged to "turn her body into a fire" that would burn Israeli soldiers.
The second woman said she was a mother of two "martyrs". She addressed the Israeli army command, saying that Palestinian female would-be-martyrs are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop Israeli soldiers from moving into Gaza .
The third woman was wearing a white veil and appeared with two silent masked women sitting next to her on each side. She made similar threats.
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