Halloween thrillers you may not have seen

If you love scary movies, now is your time. Halloween is the best time for a good old-fashioned thriller movie. But if you've seen them before, they're never as scary the second time around.

So if you're looking for some new scares this Halloween weekend, Lindsay Powers, deputy editor at HollywoodReporter.com, has some spooky suggestions.

One thriller she says is sure to spook is "Paranormal Activity 3," which has hit theaters. But you may have to stand in line for a while to get spooked

Scary movies for Halloween

Powers points out another scary flick by the same producers is called "Insidious," which came out in April. It's still new and you can get it on Netflix, so no lines, no waiting.

Are you into vampire movies, but don't want to do the whole "Twilight" thing?

According to Powers, if you want something campy, you may want to go with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," which she calls an "oldie but a goodie." Or "Interview with the Vampire," starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

If you've seen "The Sixth Sense," you know the ending, so it might not be that great to see it the second time around. Another option could be "Signs," directed by Mel Gibson -- back before his controversial times in Hollywood. "It's a good one for the whole family, because there are children in the movie, so it's not something that will horrify everyone," Powers said.

If you want a good slasher movie, you could tune into the "Saw" movies, which are "grotesque," yet have "everything that you want in a good slasher," she adds.

If you are a "Saw" fan and you want to see more material by the same director and crew, you have "Untraceable," which is gory and involves a serial killer. "You're voting, you're clicking on a website online to see how fast these people are going to be murdered," Powers points out. She also suggests "Silence," which is also by that director and crew.

Or if you want a real old-fashioned scare, there's always the white-masked Mike Myers from "Halloween," which "Early Show" co-anchor Chris Wragge calls "the standard bearer for scary movies." "I could watch that movie a hundred times and it is as scary every time I watch it it -- the music," he said.

If you want a sure fright, watch "Halloween." "It's a classic," Powers said.