Halloween: Nation's 13 Scariest Haunted Houses

Last Updated Oct 12, 2011 4:02 PM EDT

Looking for a good fright this Halloween? Hauntworld magazine has just come out with its annual listing of the nation's top haunted houses.

Just for a sense of perspective: The magazine maintains that there are roughly 1,200 for-profit frights, ranging from haunted houses, haunted hayrides to spooky corn mazes. Some 300 theme parks -- like Knott's 'Scary Farm' and Universal Studios -- also produce a themed event at this time of year. In addition, more than 3,000 charity attractions open for a few days prior to Halloween, charging admission to support a school or club, like the Boy Scouts.

Halloween is now the national second-largest commercial holiday, with roughly 90% of households with children participating in some sort of festivity.

The typical haunted attraction brings in about 8,000 paid guests, according to Hauntworld. But some of the biggest will attract literally hundreds of thousands. The price? Many haunted houses still charge $13 -- it's a themed price. But as haunted attractions have become increasingly sophisticated, many have also hiked their prices. Now most charge $15 "per event" -- in other words, a site that offers a haunted house; a hayride and a corn maze may charge separately for each. It can run $30 or more to get access to the entire site. The amusement park haunts are even more costly, setting visitors back as much as $65.

What are the top commercial haunts, according to Hauntworld? In the following pages, you'll find their top 14 (they call it the top 13 -- again for the theme -- but the #1 pick was a tie). Here's the top haunts; where they're located; what makes them special and what they cost.

#13: Nightmare on the Bayou