Hailey Dunn Update: Man who found missing teen's remains calls discovery "bittersweet"

Updated photo of Hailey Dunn
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Hailey Dunn
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(CBS) BIG SPRING, Texas - Curtis Lloyd, the man who found the remains of missing 13-year-old middle school cheerleader Hailey Darlene Dunn last month, told KWES the discovery was "bittersweet." 

PICTURES: Hailey Dunn's body found in West Texas, atty says

"It's terrible that it's her. I'm very sorry to her friends and family and all the searchers. But, on the other hand, I'm glad we found her remains, so we can finally put her to rest and hopefully catch the people who did it," Lloyd told the station.

On Friday, an attorney for Dunn's family issued a statement confirming that remains found in a remote West Texas location are those of Hailey, who had been missing since December 28, 2010.

Lloyd reportedly discovered the body about 20 miles north of the girl's hometown of Colorado City. The girl had been the subject of months of intensive searches in and around Colorado City and surrounding fields and landfills. More than 100 billboards featuring her picture and information about the case were set up along interstates in Texas and other states.

Lloyd was reportedly searching for fossils when he found the remains.

"It was a shock, it really was. When you first find it, your personal feelings get involved," Lloyd said, according to kWES.

The station reports Lloyd had a feeling that the remains belonged to Dunn based on articles of clothing found at the scene, but was not positive until officials publically confirmed the identity on Friday.

"To think that someone could do that to a beautiful child, it just breaks my heart," Lloyd told the station.

The investigation into Dunn's death is ongoing. No charges have been filed in the case.

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