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Guy achieves the impossible by juggling while completing a triathlon

(CBS News) We posted a bit ago about man's dream of a slinky walking a treadmill for a really, really long time finally coming to fruition, but omitted to mention another long-time dream that has also finally come true. For that we here at The Feed apologize. So without further ado, we present to you all a man juggling while completing a full triathlon. Yeah, I know, how could we have forgotten this one? I think we just never thought it was actually possible...

The man in question is one 31-year-old Joe Salter who writes about the specifics of his amazing accomplishment:

Triathlon Juggling World Record (1st Person to Juggle while completing an entire triathlon) April 21, 2012

Finish Time: 1hr 57min

(started in last wave, official clock time minus 9 minutes)

Swim: 1/4 Mile (21min 39sec)

BIke: 16.2 Miles (1hr 42sec)

Run: 4 Miles (31min 29 Sec)

Placed 147 out of 246 Participants

Juggling Stats:

-Zero Drops for Bike and Run

-3 drops in water on Swim

Approximate # of Throws and Catches:

During Swim: 4,140

Bike: 8,640 Run: 6,912

Total # of throws/catches in race: 19,692

Charity Fundraising: Raised over $2200 for Ronald McDonald House Charities of NorthWest Florida.

Race: Flora-Bama Mullet Man Triathlon

Perdido Key, FL

Am I impressed? Speechless is more like it. I'm typing all of this while tears of joy stream down my cheeks at seeing this feat finally happen in my lifetime. A big triple-rainbow salute goes out to Joe Salter from all of us here at The Feed for achieving the impossible!
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