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Gulf Oil Spill Picture Gallery: The Last Four Minutes of the Deepwater Horizon [Exclusive]

The remake of Nightmare on Elm Street may be hot at the box office, but it has nothing on the Nightmare on the Gulf of Mexico: the BP oil spill. If what you've seen to date hasn't been disturbing enough, we've just received from a confidential source a series of pictures purportedly taken at the scene. We don't have any way to verify the authenticity of the photos at the moment, but our source, who has inside information about the disaster, says that the photographer was on a nearby ship.

The full set of images is now available in a BNET photo gallery, where in one time-stamped sequence you can see the rig going from severely listing to completely underwater in four minutes. If you're just hanging around this post, click on any of the images here for full-sized versions.

Independent news and opposition researcher Bonnie Russell contributed to this post.


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