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Great Scott! <i>Rocky Horror</i> Is 25

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is turning 25 and fans -- including some Hollywood stars -- are celebrating, reports VH1's Rebecca Rankin.

The kitschy, kooky Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic, given cult status by devoted fans.

The show is celebrating its anniversary with a DVD release including some never-before-seen footage. Rocky Horror fans congregated in Las Vegas for a transexual celebration.

Law and Order's Jesse l. Martin, Veronica's Closet star Wallace Langham, and Ashton Kuchar of That 70's Show all gathered to party in honor of Rocky Horror.

"It's a fantasy come true tonight," said Eric McCormack of Will And Grace, after he did a dead-on imitation of Tim Curry as Frank N. Furter. "Musical theater is in my blood," he said.

Rocky creator Richard O'Brien was also on hand for the festivities.

"There's a wonderful feeling to being connected and being connected in such a strong positive way -- writing it and acting in it -- to something that has become part of film history," said O'Brien. "That's a wonderful feeling, a lovely feeling."

Check out VH1 for the Rocky Horror 25th anniversary karaoke special and the 2000 edition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show this Saturday and on Halloween.

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