Great Gifts For Guys

Finding the perfect gift for the man in your life can be a tough job.

But Men's Journal magazine contributing editor Jason Cameron tried to make it easier Monday, adding a page to The Early Show's Holiday Gift Guide.

He suggested presents ranging from apparel to personal care to hi-tech, and more.

The following descriptions were prepared with information provided by the manufacturers.

Senz umbrella
The innovative Senz umbrella is the first umbrella to finally figure out how to keep dry in a rainstorm. Senz was started out of pure frustration with traditional umbrellas. Its European inventors realized that a circular shape inevitably faces the wrong direction in a rainstorm, so they came up with this asymmetrical and aerodynamic shape to keep you dry. It won't go inside-out, even in 100 mph wind gusts! You'll win big points with the guy on your list when you revolutionize their experience in the rain and wind. Also features eye-savers at the end spokes, specially designed to protect your eyes from any possible harm.
$55; to buy one in the U.S.:

Eddie Bauer's North Slope Down Parka
When Jim Whittaker became the first American to reach the summit on Mount Everest in 1963, he was wearing this Eddie Bauer coat. This updated version has 650-fill goose down, is water-repellent and wind-resistant, and has tear-resistant fabric. This is what your guy will want to be wearing to keep warm this winter -- it will keep him warm in up to -50° F!

180's Tec Touch gloves
There's nothing more annoying than having to remove your glove on a cold day to control your iPod, Blackberry, or other handheld device. These gloves have silicon gel pads conveniently placed in digital zones on the finger and thumb, so you can easily use small, handheld devices without having to remove your gloves. Specially designed with a single layer lining on the index finger and thumb, enabling greater tactility and dexterity.
Also perfect for the guy who likes to go running outside in winter.

Reef "Dram" flip flops
For the guy who always likes to be prepared, these flips flops come with a flask built into the heel. They're complete with a funnel and lock and key, so no one else can get to your stash! For the guy who's living in a warmer climate or has a warm-weather getaway planned this winter.

Anthony Logistics for Men "It" Kit
The holidays are the perfect time to pamper your man. The well-groomed man will love this product sampler with a half dozen products to attend to his every facial and shaving need. CLEAN with Glycolic Facial Cleanser. SMOOTH with Face Scrub, Sea Salt Body Scrub and After Shave Balm. SHAVE with Pre Shave Oil and Shave Cream. Comes in a reusable travel bag that fits snuggly into the shoe compartment of your luggage. A percentage the sales from Anthony Logistics this holiday season will be donated to prostate cancer awareness charities. Available at Nordstrom and Bath & Body Works.

Braun Pulsonic Shaver
Truly the ultimate in shaving experiences, this will revolutionize your guy's shaving experience. This shaver tells you when it needs cleaning and how much cleaning is needed, then the innovative cleaning station cleans, lubricates, dries and recharges the shaver when it's docked. Engineered to shave more hair in every stroke, even those stubborn neck hairs, it will give you the closest and smoothest shave ever from am electric shaver.

Oral B Electronic toothbrush
New Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide is the most technologically advanced toothbrush on the market. It's the first toothbrush to combine best-in-class cleaning and gum care with wireless technology that promotes better brushing in real time. Triumph with SmartGuide features a wireless display -- the first in the category -- that helps you brush better, longer and gentler. It's the only power toothbrush that features a wireless display and
technology, and is the only power toothbrush that can tell you when you are
brushing too hard.

TROIKA TIE-2-GO traveling tie case
Perfect for the business traveler, or any man who needs to pack ties in his suitcase. This travel tie case ensures that your ties will come out perfectly pressed, no matter how cramped your bag may be. You don't want your guy showing up at your friend/relative's out-of-town wedding with a creased tie! Can be laser engraved. Can fit 2-3 ties per case.

Silver monogrammed cuff links
Make sure your guy looks sharp with these silver cufflinks. At only $60 a pair for sterling silver, they won't break the bank either.
$60 plus engraving

The Grilliput roll up portable grill
A petite, stainless grill you can take just about anywhere, it was designed for camping -- but we can think of plenty uses for a charcoal grill that rolls up into a bike-pump-size tube. You could cook up burgers wherever whenever - backyard, the beach, a tailgate, you name it. So so easy to use, it takes about 5 minutes to assemble. The parts pack up into a slim, 11-inch tube weighing just over a pound. You have the option of using a charcoal pit or the fire bowl, which folds up like a vegetable steamer. When used together, the Grilliput and the Compact Firebowl prevent leaving a pit of charcoal and a ring of rocks, in accordance with "Leave No Trace" ethics to help leave the environment the way you found it. Because it's so compact, it can be stowed anywhere. To top it, off it's dishwasher-safe so clean up is easy!
$30, optional fire bowl $13

Visiball golfball finding glasses V700
An ingenious idea invented by two Canadian nuclear engineers. Equipped with a quick change mechanism enabling golfers to transform their glasses into four different pair of eyewear that help you find lost balls, read the greens, and protect your eyes from the sun. The Visiball lenses block out background colors to highlight your ball (they work like a blacklight, so your ball glows on the green instead of blending in) The green-reading lenses eliminate contrasts, so they can read the breaks on the green more easily. And then, of course, they are sunglasses -- two pair -- one for bright days and one for low-light conditions.

Cobra L4V driver (Golf Club)
The most technologically advanced driver. Ultra lightweight design clubhead dimensions have strict limits, going by the USGA limits. Cobra took the dimensions to the limit, pushing the weight low and back. The design ensures that your guy will hit his golf ball straighter and farther. The big head gives you maximum power (and maximum forgivness!). Improving your guy's golf game doesn't come cheap -- this club is a splurge gift at $460

NASCAR driving school
There are a number of schools around the country where you ride in an official NASCAR on an official track; they can range anywhere from $59 - $135 to ride (or speed!) along as a passenger with a NASCAR driver, to $350 and up to drive the car yourself.
Perfect for the NASCAR fan, thrill seeker, or adventure junkie. There are a number of schools around the country that have lessons on popular tracks. The Richard Petty Driving Experience offers lessons at 25 well-known tracks around the country including Talladega, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Daytona International Speedway. The schools offer several options, from the "Ride Along," in which your guy can experience real-life racing thrills by riding shotgun in a two-seat stock car driven by a professional instructors for a three-lap NASCAR qualifying run at speeds exceeding 150 MPH.The other options is the true race car "Driving Experience," in which your guy can take command of the wheel himself for the day in the driver's seat for eight laps around the speedway in a 358 cubic inch V-8 NASCAR-style racecar that roars with 600 horsepower. Prior to driving in the "Driving Experience," students will go through two safety and instruction training sessions, with in-car and on-track instruction. After driving like the "King," students receive a graduation packet that includes a time sheet with a breakdown of each lap driven. Must be able to drive a manual transmission for the Driving Experience.
$59 - $400