Graham Nash on loss of music legends Glenn Frey, David Bowie

Graham Nash on loss of David Bowie, Glenn Fre... 02:12

January's been a cold month for music.

Multiple legends have left us the past few weeks, including Natalie Cole and Lemmy of Motörhead fame. Then the Eagles' Glenn Frey suddenly died, just a week after David Bowie.

As heartbreaking as it was for fans, imagine how it hit their fellow musicians.

"Because it was completely unexpected. I mean Glenn was what, 67? Bowie is 69!" Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Graham Nash told "CBS This Morning: Saturday" co-host Anthony Mason.

Graham also expressed concerns over his own life, saying said he has been "feeling the clock a lot" in the past six months.

Nash has had a 50-year music career, starting with The Hollies and then with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Nash will turn 74 in less than two weeks.

"I mean, it's stunning to me that I still feel like this kid in a candy store with this passion I still have for communicating. And I'm just going to go right with it 'till it comes to an end," he Nash.

Bowie's end came just days after he released his latest album, "Blackstar." Glenn Frey died just months after the Eagles wrapped up a two-year tour.

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"I listen to CBS News a lot on the hour in my car," Nash said. "And you hear, you know, 'Co-founder of the Eagles, Glenn Frey died today.' And I put myself in there and I go, 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice-member Graham Nash died today.' And in five minutes it will be over.

"So what do you do with your time left? I think you owe it to yourself -- as an artist and as a human being -- to have the best time you can as, you know, we face our future."