Governors to Congress: Get Us in the Game!

Written by CBS News' Evan Schwartz

Gov. Jim Douglas (R-Vt.) and Gov. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) of the National Governors Association say it's time for governors to impact federal policy

On "Washington Unplugged" Monday, CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante spoke with Douglas and Manchin, the chairman and vice-chairman respectively of the National Governors Association, who are in Washington to meet with President Obama to discuss how governors nationwide can get to the table on federal issues.

"Governors are not leaving the table." said Manchin. "We're still committed to health care that works for each and every one of us."

The two discussed the nature of partisanship in Washington, and what Plante referred to as outright "rancor" between the two parties. Douglas noted he and Manchin are "good personal friends" despite their party differences.

"The big difference is that Washington has the luxury of debating things for as long as they want," said Douglas. "While governors have to get the job done."

Just past the one year anniversary of the stimulus act , both governors voiced their support and pointed to places where the bill had a positive effect in their home states. Manchin said his home state of West Virginia had implemented a plan to put broadband internet into schools, hospitals and libraries statewide. Douglas said Vermont had already made strides in health care, but that job creation was still a priority.

"We've taken tremendous steps forward in health care reform in Vermont," said Douglas. "We've been deemed the 'Healthiest State in America' on two national surveys of the last couple of years. But our economy is still lagging."

Watch Monday's Unplugged above, which also features an interview with Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.).

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