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Governors, Business Put Weight Behind 'rescue' Package

Before the bailout bill went down on Monday, there had been very little constructive messaging or lobbying done around the issue. Business groups stayed away, not wanting to back the proposal until they saw the language, which was released until Sunday afternoon. By then, many members were already locked in.

Not so this time. The "Wall Street bailout" is now an "economic rescue" or "economic recovery" plan.

The full weight of Washington's lobbying muscle has been unleashed to move this $700 billion mountain. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced to day a radio campaign pushing for passage and both the Democratic and Republican Governors Associations have come out in support, releasing a joint letter.

Members of Congress say that calls to their offices changed, too, after the package failed, with voters fearful of the stock market collapse. The remaining question is whether the effort can sway a dozen votes.

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