GOP voters see party as "grumpy old men," Dickerson says


(CBS News) The Republican National Committee released a comprehensive report on Monday, detailing Republican failures in the 2012 elections and putting forward recommendations for an image overhaul.

"The top of this report is all about the big problem in the Republican party," CBS News political director John Dickerson said about the GOP's inability to reach out to minorities and women.

The report includes feedback from focus groups with Republican voters who view their party as "scary, narrow minded, out-of-touch grumpy old men."

Dickerson added that the reform deals mainly with Republican's communication problems but does hint at some policy changes.

"The Republican party has to support comprehensive immigration reform ... that's the absolute first hurdle," Dickerson said, adding that the report also acknowledged that "civil rights is the number one issue" for young voters, but "pulls back" from addressing any policy changes to the party stance on gay marriage.