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GOP Targets Stimulus Supporters In New Ad

4761667The National Republican Congressional Committee today began running radio ads targeting 30 House Democrats who supported the stimulus package – or, as the NRCC puts it, "a trillion-dollar spending bill chock full of wasteful Washington spending."

The ads are tailored to individual legislators. You can listen to one example here.

"Last year Dennis Moore promised us he would promote fiscally responsible legislation in Congress…but now, just a year later, he voted for a wasteful pork-barrel program that will cost taxpayers nearly a trillion dollars – and he's borrowing the money," a narrator says. "Dennis Moore's spending plan is packed with pork."

The narrator then goes on to list the alleged pork, including funding for smoking cessation, the National Endowment for the Arts, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and government employees' vehicles.

"The ads will hit the airwaves just as these Democrat Congressmen are heading home to their districts to face their constituents and try to explain why they voted for a trillion dollars in wasteful spending in the middle of an economic crisis," the NRCC says in a release.

Liberal advocacy group, meanwhile, yesterday released a radio ad "in a few markets in Texas" attacking Republican Sen. John Cornyn for missing a vote on the stimulus bill Monday to meet with conservatives and Wall Street Republican donors.

You can listen to the spot here.

"Cornyn said he didn't show up 'cause his vote wouldn't have made a difference," a narrator says in the spot. "But when Wall Street needed a bailout, Cornyn was there. And he voted to give them $700 billion. Now much of it is missing. And so is John Cornyn. We need a senator on our side, not Wall Street's."

Responds Cornyn spokesman Kevin McLaughlin: "This ad is funded by the same group that took out a full page ad in the New York Times calling General David Petraeus 'General Betray-us.' They are as wrong now, as they were then. Sen. Cornyn voted against final passage of the partisan spending package. It was a stand he was proud to take for millions of Texans who vehemently opposed this reckless bill."