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GOP: Obama To "Come Down From Olympus to Be Among Mere Mortals"

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

John McCain supporters are using statements previously made by Democratic candidates during this election year to attack Barack Obama today, calling him "woefully ill-prepared to be the next President of the United States."

Former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, R-Md., mocked Obama for the setting of Obama's convention speech tomorrow night at Invesco Field, saying, "Tomorrow you're going to see Obama come down from Olympus to be among us mere mortals. To talk about well -- we'll wait and see. We need a little bit more than a soundbite presidency. We need a little bit more than a president who is a brand."

Photos taken by helicopter of the event's set-up show Greek-looking columns where Obama is expected to make his address.

Added Steele, "Barack Obama has got to step up with something more than a fancy tongue, smart snappy words, a nice suit, as Joe Biden would say...and come to the table with some substance."

Steele, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, and former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin held a press conference this morning in Denver, where Giuliani said that Democrats themselves have made the case against an Obama presidency.

"Senator Obama, I think the case can be made very strongly from the words of Democrats, is just not ready to lead. Hillary Clinton said that during the campaign," said former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani at a press conference in Denver today.

"She said he was unprepared to lead. Unprepared to be commander in chief, unprepared to handle things -- the three am in the morning call."

In regards to Clinton's remarks to the Democratic National Convention last night, Giuliani said, "Last night she gave a very good speech. I thought it was a very good speech for her, I thought it was a very good speech for us (Republicans). I did not think it was a very good speech for Barack Obama, because she left out the key question that lingers."

"What we don't know is if she thinks he's prepared to be commander in chief. She said he wasn't, and she said nothing last night to suggest the opposite, and she had to know that question was out there."

Giuliani also singled out Obama's choice for vice president, saying "Joe Biden, his running mate, has quite often made the point that Obama is not prepared to lead," citing criticisms Biden made of Obama regarding the threat of Iran.

Giuliani said that while Republicans attacked each other to make contrasts, "We never said one another was not prepared to be commander in chief."