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GOP Claims Victory In Drilling Fight

Despite assurances from Democratic leaders that decisions on the ban on offshore drilling will be made by the next president, House Republicans claimed victory Tuesday night after Democrats signaled they will allow the ban to at least temporarily expire.

“According to press reports, Republicans and the American people have ensured that on October 1st, the bans on offshore drilling and oil shale recovery will come to an end, enabling us to finally develop more American energy,” said Rep. Jeb Hensarling, chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee.

“I am so proud of my Republican colleagues in the House who joined in our effort to ensure that Speaker Pelosi and Democrats in the House and Senate could not continue to actively block American energy exploration.”

But Hensarling didn’t stop there, even as he acknowledged that the lifting of the ban wasn’t quite a done deal.

"Though I am anxious to see the final bill language to confirm press reports, I am thrilled to read that on October 1, millions of Americans will be able celebrate Energy Freedom Day as we take a much needed step toward energy independence. This is a huge victory for hardworking Americans and a monumental defeat for the radical left.”

House Republican Conference Chairman Rep. Adam Putnam hailed the Democrats' "capitulation" as " a victory for middle-class Americans."

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