"Good Grammar Bandit" suspected in 7 Colo. bank robberies

The "'Good Grammar Bandit" -- seen in this surveillance video -- is said to leave typed, grammatically correct demand notes whenhe robs a bank, which he has allegedly done at least seven times in Colorado

CBS Denver

DENVER- Police in Colorado believe many recent bank robberies have been committed by a man known as the "Good Grammar Bandit," reports CBS Denver.

The station says the suspect presents his demands to the teller on a typed sheet of paper with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, takes the money, and then flees on foot.

"Well-spelled, punctuated and laid out. Normally we get poor, scribble-scratch on the back of a deposit slip," said FBI spokesman Dave Joly.

He is believed to have robbed seven banks starting in April when he struck four Denver banks in six days, says the station. Then police say he took a hiatus until early July when the grammatically correct notes reappeared.

Denver authorities and FBI agents are working on tracking down the suspect, who is described as a black male in his 30s, 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-9 with a slender build, according to CBS Denver.

Investigators are not sure if he carries a weapon, but say it's a possibility. "It's unknown. He wears big enough baggy clothing where we probably couldn't see it, and because he's been so brazen and committed seven in a row within a very short period of time we definitely fear for the public's safety," said Joly.

Joly also says the bandit is not getting away with much money. "He's getting what's in the drawer, really not worth 20 years for each bank robbery," he explained.