Golden Oldies

Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney kicks off his "Driving USA" tour in Oakland, California April 1, 2002.
It happened this week, proof from the pop music world of just how golden oldies can be.

Rolling Stone magazine published its list of the top-earning rock musicians for the year 2002, but you might be excused for thinking it's the list for 1964.

Finishing No. 1 was none other than Paul McCartney, the former Beatle, with $72 million in earnings, most of it from touring.

And who placed second in the Rolling Stone list? Why, the Rolling Stones of course, with $44 million. Again, most of it was earned on the road.

The list is full of familiar names.

The Dave Matthews Band placed third on the list and Celine Dion is fourth. Eminem is the relative newcomer, shooting up to fifth place, just ahead of Cher and Bruce Springsteen.

Elvis may have left the building a long time ago, but he hasn't left Rolling Stone's list. He finished 12th with $20 million, mostly from a Hollywood music licensing deal, not from touring — at least so far as we know.