Ruth Wilson on gig in "The Affair" and own views on marriage

The debut season of the Showtime series, "The Affair" earned Golden Globes for best television drama and best actress in a TV drama for co-star Ruth Wilson.

In the second season, lovers Alison - played by Wilson -- and Noah deal with the aftermath of their cheating and living together. The story is told from each of their very different perspectives.

"The repercussions filter through to other people," said Wilson. "They acted so impulsively and recklessly and now they're dealing with the consequences and they really want to make it work."

Fans will also see the wreckage the couple left behind, through the eyes of two more characters: Noah's soon-to-be ex-wife and Alison's jilted husband.

"The idea that all truth is subjective - everything you do in your life is from your own experience so how you've been brought up will shape how you feel about various events," Wilson said.

Wilson's character, Alison, also juggles with her own personal conflicts as she begins to see that Noah may not be the right person for her.

"She's such a character that's constantly looking for happiness or looking to someone to save her from this awful grief that she's gone through and escape from that world," she said.

Wilson also said her gig translates into her own life off screen, causing her to ask questions about the institution of marriage and its expectations.

You can catch the second season of "The Affair" on Showtime Sunday.