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3 gold investing moves to boost your portfolio this July

There are multiple ways gold may give your portfolio a boost.  ViewStock

There are many reasons to consider investing in gold right now. With high inflation, geopolitical unrest and the coming election, having a healthy safe haven allocation in your investment portfolio makes sense. And, gold is an effective way to protect your portfolio from risk. 

Gold's price has seen strong growth this year, too. After starting the year off at $2,063.73, the price of gold climbed to $2,439.98 by May 20. But that price has since cooled. Today, gold is trading at around $2,380.00 per ounce. Although that's significantly lower than gold's May record high, it still represents more than 15% growth year-to-date. 

While there are many reasons to invest in gold, it's important to make the right moves when you do, particularly this July.

Invest in gold now to give your portfolio a boost

3 gold investing moves to boost your portfolio this July

You can use gold to improve your portfolio's performance in a few ways this July. Some of the most effective include:

Focus on allocation

Gold's price has grown quite a bit this year. And, the safe haven properties of the precious metal are valuable given the current economic, political and geopolitical climates. So, you may want to add quite a bit of the yellow metal to your portfolio. But, you shouldn't overdo your investment. 

While gold is an attractive safe haven, the stock market's performance has been strong this year, too - the S&P 500 is up around 17% year-to-date. And, it's important to balance your portfolio with a healthy mix of safe havens and traditional assets like stocks and bonds. 

Most experts say you shouldn't allocate more than 10% of your portfolio assets to gold. Some suggest that a 5% gold allocation is more reasonable. So, consider your investment goals, the other assets in your portfolio and how gold relates to those assets when choosing your allocation. But, in any case, keep your holdings to a maximum of 10% of your portfolio's assets. 

Take advantage of gold's safe haven and inflation protection properties today

Invest now

Gold's price is down but it may not stay there for long. Gold's price tends to go through cycles. Upward cycles are typically followed by downward cycles and vice versa. Based on the cyclical nature of gold's price, there are two reasons why waiting to make your investment could be a mistake: 

  • The discount could disappear: If you buy gold now, you'll do so at a discount to its most recent high. But, if you wait too long, that discount could disappear.  
  • You could be priced out: Gold isn't a cheap commodity, even considering the current discount. And, if history is any indication, gold's price will continue to produce long-term gains - regardless of the short-term cycles it experiences. So, if you wait too long, gold's price could become cost-prohibitive - making it difficult to add the commodity to your portfolio later. 

So, add gold to your portfolio now to take advantage of the current discount in its price and avoid any issues with being priced out of the market later. 

Look for discounted options

Gold's spot price is typically the price that's quoted online. But, that's not usually the price you pay when you purchase the commodity. In most cases, dealers add a markup to the spot price to generate a profit. So, it's possible to overpay for the commodity if you're not careful - but it's also possible to find discounted options

Many online gold dealers buy second-hand precious metals and resell them at a discount to their freshly-minted counterparts. And, while these products may have some imperfections and may not be the particular design you want, their value is in the weight of the gold they're made with. So, when you look for these discounts, you could cut the cost of your gold investment while you take advantage of the benefits of adding the precious metal to your portfolio. 

The bottom line

Gold is a compelling asset with valuable inflation protection and safe haven qualities. But, when you invest invest in the precious metal this July, it's a good idea to make your investment strategically. In particular, invest now and be sure that when you do, you maintain a healthy allocation representing 10% or less of your portfolio's value. Also, look for opportunities to buy gold at a discount. Doing so could cut the cost of your investment. Compare your options among leading gold dealers now

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