Gold chains disappearing by the dozen in Stockton, Calif.

Police say gold chains like this one have been targeted for months by thieves in Stockton, Calif.
CBS Sacramento
(CBS) STOCKTON, Calif. - Warning: Hide your gold in Stockton, Calif.

Police in the central California city say there've been 77 gold chain robberies in recent months, with victims ranging in age from 5 to 78, and the heists have happened at all hours of the day, CBS Sacramento reported.

Police arrested two men on Sunday after reports of three separate gold necklace thefts in a one-hour time span, from 4-5 p.m. in south Stockton. They spotted the suspected vehicle, which turned out to be stolen, and the alleged thieves were arrested without incident.

Officers say Rayshawn Fryman, 23, and Jerrel Williams, 22, both of Stockton, were responsible for two of the three robberies Sunday. They were charged with robbery, auto theft and possession of stolen property.

Gold is currently fetching about $1600 per ounce, according to CBS Sacramento.

Erata Mendoza isn't willing to take the chance. You won't find an ounce of gold on her.

"Day or night, do not wear your jewelry," she said. "I just don't. I haven't worn it in the past month...It's not worth it to take the chance of being robbed."

Stockton police also recommend planning ahead... by taking pictures of your gold jewelry in case you need to file a police report.