A historic change for Godiva's golden brand

Godiva, the Belgian chocolatier known for their gold packaging and high-end products, is now consciously becoming a little less fancy, CBS News' Michelle Miller reports.

At the Godiva kitchen, one can learn the rich secrets of fine chocolate making with executive chef chocolatier Thierry Muret.

"Godiva chocolate is very different," Muret said. "And, actually, we can illustrate that by tasting it, OK? It's a proprietary recipe, so nobody else in the world can use it. It's top secret."

So top secret that this is the first time cameras have been allowed to visit the manufacturing facility in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Inside Godiva's factory CBS News

"You're paying for the process, but for the know-how and the tradition," Muret said.

It's that tradition that the company is hoping to maintain with Godiva's new line of more affordable products.

Godiva's gold boxes of 36 assorted chocolates retail for $50, but their new soft serve is only $6.

"We want to make sure that Godiva gives you the opportunity to really indulge every day, and we wanted to make sure that we had an everyday indulgence that was affordable," said Michelle Chin , vice president of North American marketing for the company.

They've also rolled out the Trufflelata, a frozen drink that uses their signature truffles.

Godiva's new trufflelata Godiva

"It's nice and liquid, but you find all those notes again in there," Muret said.

Last year, Americans spent an estimated $20 billion on chocolate. Since 2008, Godiva sales have grown 10 percent a year - making it worth $765 million in 2013.

"I don't think it's a way for them to compete with lower brands like Hershey and Cadbury," said Judann Pollack, deputy editor of Ad Age. "They're still staking out their claim as a really high-end, super-premium product."

Pollack said this extension helps with seasonality, just as long as Godiva maintains its high-quality image.

"There is going to be a problem if they want to come in with a low-end product like a Godiva O's for the cereal aisle," Pollack said. "That's never going to work, but something as long as it's clear to their brand promise will probably be successful for them."

And as the seasons change, so do the flavors. Starting next week, Godiva will begin offering a Pumpkin Pie Truffeleta.