God Via iPod And The Web

For people who like the idea of church but don't like waking up early or dressing up on Sunday mornings, there may be a new alternative.

It's called "godcasting," reportsThe Early Show correspondent Debbye Turner.

She explains it's just like podcasting, in which you download audio files from your computer onto an iPod or MP3 player. Then, you can listen to the content anytime, anywhere.

Turner says churches are also turning to the Web to get their message out, streaming their services live.

And, says Turner, while it may sound more high-tech than heavenly, it's the newest way churches are spreading the word.

It enables people such as Melisse Mossy to get the gospel while she's getting in some horseback riding.

She "attends" church via her iPod, with services downloaded from the Web site of The GodCast Network, godcast dot org.

"Being out in nature," she tells Turner, "and being able to ride my horse and have GodCast with me … It's just a time that I don't have to think about anything else other than (what) I'm learning."

Godcasts were the brainchild of Horizon Christian Fellowship member Craig Patchett.

He heard about podcasting about a year ago, then had what some might call his divine inspiration, creating podcasts of the sermons of his pastor from the church in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., and dubbing them "Godcasts."

"It's for people who, maybe for political reasons, geographical reasons, physical reasons, can't get to a church," says Patchett.

Anyone with a computer can just go to, click on a sermon, then download it into an iPod.