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Giuliani Visits Terrorism Exhibit Near Democratic Convention

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

Rudy Giuliani made an appearance just around the corner from the Democratic National Convention in Denver today at a nearby exhibit on terrorist attacks.

"People forget...this is ongoing," Giuliani said, referring to a threat of terrorist attacks in the United States and worldwide. "This is a museum about what is happening to us now, the present, and what will be happening to us in the future."

Giuliani made the statements after touring the Center for Empowered Living and Learning this afternoon, where he saw an exhibition called "Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Understand the Threat of Terrorism."

He said that while "people would like to forget" the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington in 2001 and London in 2005, he believes "that's the kind of thinking that got us into the problem into the first place."

Giuliani turned down a question relating to the Democrats and terrorism while at the exhibition, saying, "This is not a political place, this is a bipartisan place. I have plenty of time a little later for political comment, but this isn't the place to do it."

Pressed on the political significance of touring an exhibit on terrorism in Denver while the Democrats are holding their national convention this week, Giuliani told a reporter, "We're going to deliver that message in a half hour at an appropriate place."

The former mayor of New York City and candidate for president, who became an international figure after the events of 9/11, said the terrorism exhibition was "appropriate in Denver because Denver is at risk like any other city in America."

In regards to the war on terror, Giuliani said, "We will prevail because we have the right ideas."