Giuliani Says He Has "The Best Chance of Winning"

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro

INDIANOLA, IOWA -- Rudy Giuliani continued to talk about being the best candidate to keep the country safe from terrorism today during an event at Funaro's sandwich shop in Indianola.

He has stepped up his references of 9/11 and mentioned the attacks at least five times this morning at an event at his Iowa campaign headquarters in Clive.

At the end of that event, a supporter called out "Thank you for 9/11!"

Meantime, he continued to push that his lack of campaigning in - or at least latecoming to - Iowa was because he has tried to run a "proportionate" national campaign.

"As a Republican, I think I have the best chance of winning," he told supporters.

In response to questions about a New Hampshire veteran and campaign member who made derogatory comments about Muslims, saying they should be "sent back to their caves," the mayor said "he was wrong" and accepted his resignation. He also directed the press to look again at his comments made after 9/11, where he said no group of people should be blamed for the actions of few.