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Girl's desperate Facebook plea helps save father's life

A 10-year-old girl in Logan County, W.Va., saved her father's life with a frantic Facebook plea for help after a storm caused a massive tree to fall on him
A 10-year-old girl in Logan County, W.Va., sa... 02:04

It was a Facebook message that may have saved lives.

CBS affiliate WOWK reports 10-year-old Brianna Vance from Logan County, West Virginia, used the social networking site to send a desperate plea for someone to save her father and his friends.

"My dad's almost dead. He needs an ambulance please," she cried out on Facebook.

Brianna's dad, Gregory Vance, and two friends were sitting on the front porch of his house when a massive tree, uprooted by a storm, toppled on them, trapping the group.

The weather made it impossible for the family to dial 911 on their cell phones and the house did not have a landline.

So Brianna turned to Facebook.

"I was scared. I needed help. My dad needed help. So I had to post that," she said.

Her grandmother down the street also saw what happened and called 911.

The trapped men were soon freed by firefighters and then rushed to Logan Regional Hospital. Two men have been released, and Brianna's dad is expected to make a good recovery despite suffering a broken collar bone and five broken ribs.

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