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Gingrich Iowa ad: I can bring America back

Newt Gingrich's campaign released a new ad Monday casting the former House speaker as willing and able to return America to its past glory.

"Some people say the America we know and love is a thing of the past. I don't believe that," Gingrich says in voiceover in the 60-second spot, as seeming stock footage of American flags and cornfields are shown onscreen. (Gingrich is also occasionally shown speaking directly to the camera.) "Because working together, I know we can rebuild America. We can revive our economy and create jobs. Shrink government and the regulations that strangle our businesses. Throw out the tax code, and replace it with one that is simple and fair."

"We can regain the world's respect by standing strong again," Gingrich continues in the spot, amid shots of the Statue of Liberty and American soldiers. "Being true to our faith and respecting one another. We can return power to the people and to the states we live in so we'll all have more freedom, opportunity and control of our lives. Yes, working together, we can and will rebuild the America we love."

Gingrich's campaign is spending $250,000 to run the spot in Iowa, where voters will participate in the first-in-the-nation caucuses less than one month from today, a campaign source told CBS News and National Journal. As the Des Moines Register notes, the spot includes a shot of the Iowa capitol building. 

Two polls out over the weekend showed Gingrich, who was meeting with Donald Trump in New York Monday morning, leading the pack of GOP presidential hopefuls in Iowa. The Register poll showed Gingrich with 25 percent support, ahead of Ron Paul at 18 percent and Mitt Romney at 16 percent; an NBC News/Marist poll found Gingrich with 26 percent support, followed by Romney at 18 percent and Paul at 17 percent.

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