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Giffords' husband on her future in Congress

Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) has made remarkable progress after she sustained a gunshot wound to the head in January. But is she planning to continue her work in Congress?

Her husband, former astronaut Navy Capt. Mark Kelly said Giffords will have to decide that in May when she would have to file for re-election.

"So some time before May, she will decide if she wants to continue and can continue to do the job of a member of Congress, you know?" Kelly said. "Congressmen and women work very, very hard. It's a grueling schedule and she has to see if she is up for that. ... She'll make the decision on her own schedule when she's ready."

He added later in "The Early Show" interview, "She will come back and serve, you know, her constituents at some point, in some way, and she'll decide in time."

Kelly said his wife is making progress every week.

He told "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill, "At the beginning of her recovery, she couldn't speak at all. Now we are coming up on a year later, and she is still improving every week. ... We are really positive about the outcome."

He added, "She is looking forward to getting back to work."

Kelly sat down with "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill to promote the book he wrote with Giffords about their ordeal called "Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope."

Kelly said the book has been likened to a Danielle Steel romance novel, but he said, "It's true, it's not fiction."

Hill noted that book goes back to Jan. 8 of this year when Giffords was wounded. Giffords was among 19 people shot as she met with constituents outside a Tucson supermarket. Six people died.

"It was tough day for not only the people in Tucson, but people around the country," Kelly said. "Initially, we thought she had died. It was a really difficult day. And we talk about that a lot in the book, you know, what that day was like when she found out she had died and then later we found out well, that actually wasn't the truth."

Through her recovery, Kelly says he's seen what a source of inspiration his wife has been for many. "She is an inspiring person and always been that to me," he said. "But now she is to a lot of other Americans and people throughout the world."

As for Giffords' recovery going forward, Kelly says his "primary purpose" is to make sure his wife has everything she needs to recover. He says he is also focused on his teen daughters who are in high school and their futures.

But what's next for Kelly in his career?

When asked if he would ever consider running for office himself, Kelly said, "I've been asked that a lot. (Gabby) is the politician in the family. ... For me, I could figure that out later."

Hill remarked, "That's not a no."

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