Giant redwood cross stolen from No. Calif. family's yard

This redwood cross was stolen from an Antelope, Calif. family's front lawn last week.
CBS Sacramento
ANTELOPE, Calif. - A Northern California family is asking the police for help - and praying – that whoever stole a large redwood cross from their lawn will find it in their heart to return it.

According to CBS Sacramento, the prominent symbol of their Christian faith, stolen from the yard of Chery Flores and her family in Antelope, Calif., is taller than she is.



  “That cross was a symbol. It wasn’t just a cross,” she said.

It had been up on their property for a year before  it was stolen on Thursday, Feb. 6.

Flores says the cross was a focal point of their faith, their patriotism and a reminder to pray for loved ones.

“We just lost a friend of ours to the flu, and it was up for her, too,” she told the station.

The day the cross disappeared also happened to be the anniversary of Cheryl’s dad’s death.

“It hurts that somebody could actually do something like that,” she said. “These poor people don’t know what they did.”

They say they may get another, but the cost and effort that went into building it in the first place was substantial.

Flores has filed a police report on the theft.