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Getting Perfect Baby Close-ups

Babies on magazine covers are always smiling, with the perfect look, practically gushing charm. But those who have tried to take baby pictures on their own know it's not an easy task.

So The Early Show tagged along during a cover shoot for Parenting magazine and learned about a whole new profession.

On a photo shoot, it's Jean Weissflog's job to be silly, carry a bag of toys and administer hugs. Weissflog is a baby wrangler - someone hired to keep the photo subject smiling.
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Devin Furphy is 13 months old and he arrives at the studio not quite ready for his close-up.

The rosiness of his cheeks is all natural. Babies don't need makeup but Weissflog says she usually applies some hypoallergenic cream and maybe a little powder.

Once the toddler is camera ready, the challenge for Weissflog is to get Devin to stay on his mark, look in the right direction and wear the correct expression - not an easy job.

"You have to really know about photography, because so many people can play with kids and make them laugh, but they better be laughing and looking in the camera or else it's going to be a wasted day," Weissflog says.

And with a cover baby, if he or she doesn't smile, it is not enough to have the most beautiful child in the world, Weissflog says.

But beyond the challenges are the rewards. And the best part of the job is that she gets to hug them, she says.

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