Get your financial life in order: Widow's website seeks to simplify planning

Chanel Reynolds on "CBS This Morning."
Chanel Reynolds on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) Chanel Reynolds is not a financial adviser, but she has a powerful message: sort out your finances before it's too late and she learned that the hard way. After her husband died suddenly, it took her years to sort out the paperwork, and now she has a website to help others. The site offers information on everything from wills to insurance.

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On "CBS This Morning," Reynolds said, "I want people to realize getting your financial scene together and legal documents together is a lot more than paperwork you sign and put in a fireproof safe somewhere," she said. "It's really about planning for your life and making sure that not only your future and the future of your children is important to plan for now, but it's really, really easy to do, if you do it now, and it saves a ton of unnecessary suffering and frustration later down the line."

Watch more of Reynolds' interview in the video above.