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Get Noticed with these 25 Creative Resume Designs

Want to make your resume stand out? After all, everyone creates a CV on a sheet of white paper with blocks of text for goals, experience, and education. For your resume to catch the eye of a hiring manager, perhaps it should be a little... different.

If you're looking for some examples or inspiration, look no further than WorkAwesome's 25 Examples of Super Creative Resume Design.

Here you'll find a collection of resumes in a variety of unusual and intriguing styles, such as a resume that looks like a board game, a mini-resume that folds like a desktop placard, and a resume printed on textured fabric.

As always, I highly recommend using discretion when making a resume -- thumb through these examples for inspiration, and then dial it back a few notches towards "conservative" before you send any of these to a potential employer. But like the visual resume I told you about a few months ago, these examples might help you get a foot in the door with the right company. But while you're writing a resume, be sure to take this practical advice that applies to any resume:

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