"Get Lucky" with two excellent Daft Punk covers

(CBS News) We're in the fortuitous position of having two near and dear friends of The Feed releasing excellent song covers by a certain musical group you may be familiar with: Daft Punk! So, we're going to take this serendipitous turn of events to highlight both in a post where you're about to "Get Lucky" right alongside us. Can you guess what the song might be? Well, find out if you're correct with our first music video above. (Alright, yes, it's ridiculously obvious.)

The slick, stylized cover of the song was performed by Mitchell Jarvis (vocals), Robyn Adele Anderson (vocals), David Wong (violin), Stephanie Price (viola), Adam Kubota (bass), Chip Thomas (drums) and posted by Scott Bradlee (on keys) who writes about the creative concoction:

Back in the day, "Get Lucky" was the premise of every Lucky Charms cereal commercial. As such, we decided to create a traditional (well, sorta..) Irish waltz cover of Daft Punk's hit song. I still have cereal bits stuck in my living room rug. Also note: we are not affiliated with General Mills or whatever company owns Guinness Beer. And, we're just having fun.

Nicely done! And hit "repeat" on the song, but with a very different tune, as our other good friends, CDZA (short for Collective Cadenza), have also released an Impromptu Sessions cover using five pianists (Damian Sim, Erika Dohi, Michael Thurber, Allan Mednard and Mark Johnson) in a musical exercise below where they had to put the whole thing together in under an hour. Did they pull off something amazing in such a short time? Click play to find out. (Spoiler: Yes!)