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Get In Line: Durbin Is Latest Dem To Bash McCain's Return

A little diversion of Straight Talk Air back to Washington has caused a major partisan row.

Democrats, one after another, are lining up to bash McCain's return to Washington to "help" with the bailout legislation, while Republicans in Congress seem poised to throw McCain a welcoming parade.

The reaction has split completely along party lines. The Crypt has already reported reactions from Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Charles Schumer and John Boehner, and here's Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin's (D-Ill.) response:

"Last week, Senator John McCain declared the fundamentals of our economy ‘strong.’ Today he says the situation is so dire he needs to suspend his campaign and delay a scheduled presidential debate so he can devote his full attention to the problem.

"With polls showing his campaign is at its weakest, Senator McCain’s decision may have less to do with the drop in the Dow Jones average and more to do with a decline in the Gallup poll. 

"It’s not economic leadership that Senator McCain would bring to these negotiations; it’s presidential politics – which is the last thing we need if we really want to solve the serious problems our nation faces.”

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