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Get hired over the holidays

(MoneyWatch) Don't believe everything you hear. Companies don't hire during the holidays, for example -- it's a common cry, but a myth nonetheless. And it's a real bummer being between jobs during the holidays, so you shouldn't sit out the month of December assuming that there's no HR activity until January.

Recently, CIO's Kristin Burnham interviewed LinkedIn to get some actionable advice for getting hired during the merriest time of year. Here is what she learned:

Reconnect. Getting a job is often about your network of friends and former co-workers. And since it's the holidays, this is the perfect time to reconnect with them. You can reach out to folks you haven't spoken to in a while in the spirit of the holidays, and send each friend a custom note that wishes them well -- but also acknowledges an interest in talking about your respective careers.

Network at parties. Do your homework. Before you go to holiday parties, use LinkedIn to check up on people you expect to meet there and see what they're doing and where they're working. That gives you the ammunition you need to have meaningful career conversations.

Leverage the myth. No one gets hired over the holidays, right? As long as a lot of people believe that, you'll have less competition for positions that are open in December. Submit an application and follow up with an email to the recruiter to express interest in the job -- and be sure to mention something specific you've recently seen in the news about the employer.

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