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5 rules for propelling your career with social media

The art and science of getting a job has changed in the last decade or so; as we've previously mentioned, experienced professionals need to approach the career search differently thanks to social media.

But what, specifically, are some tips for leveraging social media to help you find a job? The Harvard Business Review recently discussed how to boost your career with social media, and here are some of the highlights you should keep in mind:

Build your brand. Establish a brand for yourself online -- when people browse your social media presence, they will get a sense of your expertise. In other words, don't try to be a generalist. Figure out what niche you want to occupy, and build your brand around that.

It's okay to mix personal and professional. Advice ran in the opposite direction in the past, but these days, personal and professional lives entwine significantly, and there's no longer a taboo about combining them online. That said, you should ensure that whatever personal elements you blend into your professional profile supports your career aspirations and doesn't damage your perception as a professional.

Create content that others can forward, share, repost, and retweet. The meat and potatoes of your strategy should be creating meaningful, interesting content that people will want to read and share -- not becasuase of who you are, but because of what you say.

Be careful not to inadvertently violate corporate policies where you are now. Check for corporate policies, and be sure to use common sense.

Don't claim to be an expert. There's nothing more repellent than someone who broadcasts his or her domain mastery in explicit terms. Instead, be humble but demonstrate your expertise with that knowledge and insight you share.

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