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Get 25GB of free online storage at Box

(MoneyWatch) Box has always been an underdog in the online storage wars. Dropbox gets most of the glory as an easy-to-use service that makes it easy to sync files. SkyDrive traditionally offered a ton of storage space to make up for less convenience, but now it's got the goods on both fronts. And then there are other attractive options, like Cubby, Google Drive, and SugarSync. With all those options, Box just doesn't get a lot of love.

Last year, Box gave away a staggering 50GB of storage space to folks who installed its iOS app. (Much like the Electric Banana, don't look for this offer --  it's not there anymore.) Now Box is back with a new offer: Get 25GB of storage for free. The usual allotment for a free personal account is 5GB.

Dropbox dials up the valueNew "cloud" storage service offers up to 10GB free

Box still limits you to a 100MB max file size, which means you can't use your account to store large videos. But that's about the only thing you can't do; 25GB is a lot of space for any cloud storage tool.

Although Box isn't as sophisticated as some online services -- Cubby, for example, is my new favorite for its 10GB of free storage (if you recruit five other people) and per-folder synching -- Box does have a desktop client for synching files (go to "My Account" and choose "Get Box Sync") as well as mobile apps. And there are a wealth of subscription plans to choose from if you need more storage space, including a fully scalable enterprise implementation. For typical business users, you can get a 500GB for a very reasonable $15 a month.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Mr. T in DC

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