German-Speaking Militants Appear in New Afghanistan Jihadi Video

(Islamic Movement in Uzbekistan )
A German-speaking member of the Islamic Movement in Uzbekistan appeared in a new video urging Muslims in Germany to join the fighting in Afghanistan. The man was identified as "Abu Adam From Germany" and appeared in a video released by Jundullah Media entitled "Good News From Afghanistan."

The leader of the group, Mohammed Taher Farouq, also appears making a speech which was dubbed in German. Farouq had threatened attacks against a number of Western and Asian capitals in a video released in December 2007.

The video also includes footage of the militants in mountainous areas, as well as aftermath pictures of a number of attacks against Afghan forces and pictures of militants driving around in 13-vehicle convoy of pick-up trucks and other vehicles apparently seized from NATO or local government forces.

The video also featured short speeches by a number of other militants, who all spoke in English.