George P. Bush makes official his campaign for Texas office

George P. Bush, seen here at the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, is running to become the next Texas Land Commissioner.
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

George P. Bush officially became the latest member of the Bush clan to seek elected office when he filed paperwork Tuesday to run for the position of Texas land commissioner.

As the son of Jeb Bush and grandson of former President George H.W. Bush, the younger George P. Bush will continue a powerful political legacy - and fundraising base. By mid summer, he had already raised $3.3 million dollars even though there was not yet a Democrat in the race for land commissioner.

But even more appealing than his fundraising and political network, some say, is his Hispanic heritage. Bush's mother, Columba, is from Mexico and he speaks Spanish. Although Republicans have held a lock on statewide offices since 1994, the growing Hispanic population and it's preference for the Democratic party could spell trouble for Republicans going forward.

Bush first filed paperwork with the Texas Ethics Commission last year announcing his intent to run for statewide office. Since he had not yet said which office he would run for, it prompted speculation he would seek the post of attorney general or governor. But by March, when Bush filed paperwork to declare a campaign treasurer, it was clear he was running for Texas land commissioner to fill the spot vacated by Jerry Patterson, who is running for lieutenant governor.

He has never held public office before, but Bush has served as chairman of the Hispanic Republicans of Texas.

Republican Party of Texas communications director Spencer Yeldell told the Houston Chronicle that Bush will face East Texas businessman David Watts in the Republican primary. The only candidate on the Democratic side so far is former El Paso Mayor John Cook.

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