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Generate Random Placeholder Text for Free

Have you ever written some sort of brochure, Web page, or newsletter, and needed to see how text flowed around graphics? Or wanted to record a training video but didn't want to show real corporate confidential documents in the screencast? Then I've got a trick for you: Word can automatically generate any amount of realistic looking, plain English random text with just a few keystrokes.

Just enter this in a Word document:


Where P is the number of paragraphs you need, and S is the number of sentences in each paragraph. So =rand(4,5) would give you 4 paragraphs of text, each with 5 sentences.

Of course, you can always go the traditional route and pour some Lorem Ipsum into your document.

But I think that this approach is better than Lorem Ipsum text -- both because it's in actual English rather than a variation of Latin, and because some graphic designers are squeamish about using Lorem Ipsum because the original text is derived from Cicero's discourse on "pain," which is potentially offensive to some people. [via EveryJoe]