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Generate Free Placeholder Art That's Exactly the Right Size

Almost every day, I have to create an article for a Web site that includes a few pieces of art. Invariably, the art isn't ready on time, so we stick a placeholder image in its place. The placeholder is the wrong size, so it's really hard to tell what the real layout will look like.

No more: Now I've got access to an image generator that gives me perfectly sized placeholders -- like the one you see right here.

The Dynamic Dummy Image Generator is a Web page that can create a custom image in any width and height, which you can copy into your draft project.

To use the site, enter the dimensions you need into the URL, like this:
You can save the image to your PC and insert it into your document, or you can directly reference the link in a Web page while you wait for the final image to become available.

This is a really useful tool for writers, graphic designers, and anyone who maintains a Web site. It's the image equivalent to "greeking" text, like lorem ipsum. You might remember that a while back, I explained how to get fast online access to all the lorem ipsum you could ever use, or use the placeholder text generator that's built right into Word. [via Lifehacker]

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