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Gates' Daughter Calls Cop Uncooperative

The daughter of Henry Louis Gates Jr. called the officer who arrested her father uncooperative in the city of Cambridge's attempts to diffuse a racially charged situation.

Gates, a prominent black scholar and Harvard professor, was arrested last week at his home by Sgt. James Crowley, a white officer, after it was reported someone was trying to break into Mr. Gates' residence.

In the ensuing days, claims of racial profiling by Gates, and Crowley's firm defense of his actions have reignited discussion over the treatment of black men by the police.

Speaking on "The Early Show" Friday, Elizabeth Gates and Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons, who is also black, talked about the possibility of bringing Gates and Crowley together to settle their differences.

Simmons said she has received a "positive response" from Gates, but has yet to hear back from Crowley. To which Elizabeth Gates said: "I don't think the officer is being at all cooperative."

On Thursday, the Cambridge Police Department said it would launch an investigation into the matter and it revealed that Crowley had been hand-picked by the city's black police commissioner to teach a racial profiling class to new officers.

"I think he needs to maybe extend his sensitivity training," Elizabeth Gates said of Crowley, and stressed the importance of the officer sitting down with her father.

"If it's left as is, we're going to rely on our preconceived notions of race."

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