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Gadget Lust: NeatDesk Desktop Scanner

Oh, sweet merciful Jeebus, I want this thing. Now. The NeatDesk is a sheetfed scanner that has individual slots for documents, receipts, and business cards, and software to automatically OCR and e-file them all. See if watching this promo video doesn't make your wallet leap straight out of your pocket:

Cool, right? I think this has the potential to get you closer to a paperless office than any other device I've seen. (Just make sure you've got a bulletproof backup system in place. My longstanding concern about digitizing documents is, what happens in the event of hard drive failure?)

Now for the bad news: This kick-ass scanner sells for $450 (though you can get it for $400 from Uncrate). Think it's worth it? The cheapskate in me says no, if only because you could pair a $50 flatbed scanner with Nuance's $99 PaperPort software and accomplish more or less the same thing.

Of course, that would involve a lot more manual effort on your part. The budget-be-damned gadget lover in me says the NeatDesk is a must-have item for anyone trying to conquer paper overload. Which, I suspect, means every businessperson on the planet. [via Gizmodo]

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