Ga. tech student alleges Atlanta police officer demanded sex act for ride home

Building on the Atlanta campus of the Georgia Institute of technology, aka Georgia Tech
(CBS) ATLANTA - An Atlanta police officer is under investigation after a Georgia Tech student claimed the officer demanded a sex act in return for giving the student a ride to campus, CBS affiliate WAOK reported.

Police say the incident happened after a Halloween party where the student had too much to drink and needed a ride, the station says.

"On that ride, it is alleged that the officer insisted that a sex act be performed for payment for the ride back to the campus, said Atlanta City Councilman Michael Bond. Bond also stated this incident was "the worst, most horrible type of abuse of power" he could have ever imagined.

After the alleged sex act, the officer took the student to his fraternity house. After telling fraternity brothers about the incident, he became upset and embarrassed and wanted to forget about it; however, it was his fraternity brothers encouraging him to report the incident, according to WAOK.

Sources say the patrol car was examined and that bodily fluids were found. Atlanta police confirm there is an administrative investigation and a criminal investigation of the unnamed officer.

He is still working, but is restricted to desk duty.