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Ga. Police: 2 children kidnapped by driver who stopped to help family on the side of the road

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(CBS/AP) DECATUR, Ga. - Police are searching for two children who were reportedly kidnapped by a stranger who offered to help the family when their car broke down on the side of an Atlanta-area interstate.

According to the DeKalb County police, the family's car broke down early Wednesday, and as the mother was making arrangements for a tow truck, a stranger who had stopped to help drove off with 3-year-old Jalen Mattison and 1-year-old Amari Mattison.

Georgia authorities issued a statewide child abduction alert for the children. The suspect is said to have been driving a 2000 to 2005 green Jeep Cherokee. CBS affiliate WGCL reports that the suspect is described as a man in his 30s, 5'10", thin, wearing a light brown or tan baseball hat and a plaid button down shirt.

A police spokeswoman said the mother, whose name she did not have, has told police she does not know the suspect.

Jalen was last seen wearing a gray hoodie sweatshirt, red Thomas the Tank Engine shirt and blue jeans. Amari was wearing a brown and pink hooded sweatshirt, pink pants, and brown shirt.

Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call 911 immediately.

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