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Fuzzy Math To Online Obituaries

Fuzzy Math - Kids at two schools in California are losing their summer vacations because adults messed up on their math, accidentally under-scheduled a number of school days by five minutes. As a result of state rules, that would put millions of dollars in jeopardy, so school will not be out for the summer. Click here for the story.
(Mitch Butler)
Holy Medicine - The ancient art of trepanation - drilling a hole in the skull - may be making a comeback to treat Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia. Doctors have used it to help patients with traumatic brain injuries but a top doctor in the UK says it may have wider applications to help the brain. Click here for the story.
Scared To Death - Opponents of deep-water sonar exercises by the Navy say there's undeniable proof that loud noises underwater can harm whales and dolphins. An investigation after England's largest mass beaching of dolphins has found military activity the most likely cause. The Royal Navy disputes the findings. Click here for the story.

Rest In Peace, Online - Websites are encroaching on another traditional area of newspapers' turf: obituaries. Sites like create obituaries that are more responsive to friends and family but less beholden to facts or objective portrayals of someone's life. Who should have the last say in how you're remembered? Click here for the story.

Kids These Days - A major demographic shift is taking place fueled by the youngest citizens. In almost one out of every six counties, minority kids now outnumber white kids. The trend is not expected to reverse, which will soon raise the question of what defines what exactly defines a minority. Click here for the story.

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