From the archives: Lambo circa 1987

Morley Safer got the ride of his life reporting on 1987's fastest and most expensive car: the Lamborghini

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This week's broadcast features Scott Pelley's story on the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini, but it's not the first time a 60 Minutes correspondent traveled to Italy just to take a spin in the famed sports car. Car enthusiast Morley Safer did it 25 years ago.


A club racer at the time, Safer described reporting on Lamborghini in its hometown in Italy, as pure joy.

"Getting to drive a high performance Lambo on the back roads of Sant'Agata with the legendary driver Valentino Balboni at my side, was the icing on the cake," Safer tells 60 Minutes Overtime. At the time, the Lamborghini was the fastest and most expensive car on the road, with speeds up to 180 mph and a price sticker of $120,000.

"Valentino chided me for not going fast enough when I was pushing the needle up to 100 mph," Safer recalls. "'Why so slow Morley?' he said. 'The car, she wants to fly!'"

And the car certainly flew -- Safer says the broken lines on the road flew by like "tracer bullets" and it felt as though the car was eating them up like "some supersonic Pac-Man."

Editor's Note: This segment was originally published Nov. 3, 2013