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Friendships Flourish at the Click of a Mouse

We all know that good friends are hard to find, but it becomes even more difficult as we get older.

The Early Show's Taryn Winter Brill explored new ways to search for a "BFF."

For carefree kids, making friends is easy. But age can bring complications -- and busy lives keep us from connecting.

"We live in times where because we have so many more moves, so many divorces, so many more life changes, going through life stages at different times, that we are needing to continue to expand our circle of friends frequently," said Shasta Nelson, founder of

Many women are turning to the Internet and websites such as to find new BFF's. With thousands of members in more than 25 cities, women of all ages can connect with just the click of a mouse.

The site matches women based on age, location and interests. Introductions follow and friendships are hopefully formed.

Taryn met up with a group of ladies who first met seven months ago, and they've been getting together weekly ever since.

For the newfound friends, one of the best part of this is "knowing that you'll always have a group of people there for you no matter what."

Finding your own group of girlfriends like this is possible; all you have to do is sign up.

To demonstrate how easy and fun it is to find new friends, Brill filled out her profile, saying as she went along, "Let's see: caring, down to earth...Favorite things to do: Tennis, bowling, ping pong."

Once your profile is submitted, you're invited to attend get-to-know-you events.

"Why this way in terms of making friends?" Brill asked.

"The reason I wanted to do this was so, I could meet people outside of my comfort zone," said Sadie Khodorkovsky, a member.

It doesn't take long for new friendships to grow -- and Brill learned this firsthand when she sparked up a conversation about travel.

And when you hit it off -- you just know it.

"I want to make a toast to new girlfriends," Tayrn said. "Girls -- to new girlfriends. Cheers!"

Relationship Expert, Heide Banks joined "The Early Show"'s Rebecca Jarvis to discuss ways we can cultivate friendships at any age. Listen to some of her tips below: