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Friday Cat Blogging - 7 September 2007

FRIDAY CATBLOGGING....Last week was all Domino, so this week Inkblot gets the spotlight. Besides, Domino barely budges from her beloved new furniture these days, so it's tough to get a picture of anything other than her snoozing on the bench.

True confession time: the picture on the right is a fake. I Photoshopped the laser pointer trail from another picture in the same series into this one because Inkblot was either moving or out of focus in all the other ones. I just wanted to mention this before some right-wing blogger detected a slight blurring and color change near the laser trail and started up a massive campaign accusing me of fabricating catblogging pictures. The photo on the left, by contrast, is 100% real. Sleeping on a pile of warm sheets is what Inkblot does best.

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