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Freebies for Your Family

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(NYC/CBS) Things are expensive, especially once you have kids. But if you know where to look, you can cash in on great products at the lowest possible price: free. Just check out these websites to see if they offer anything you want or need.

Are you a new mommy? If you are, you can follow the directions on Babies Online and get a free one year subscription to "Baby Talk" magazine. This magazine has all the issues expectant and new parents may encounter, from safety issues to the latest and greatest in baby products. And it can be yours at no price for a year!

If you can't get enough articles about all things baby, Babies Online also offers a free subscription to "American Baby" by filling out the form on their site.

Prescription drugs can be pricey, and there's no way around it -- WRONG! Go to FreePharmCard and fill out your information to receive a free pharmacy card that can save you up to 75 percent on prescription drugs! These cards are sold for up to $240 per year, but you can get one online for free, and use it instantly when you receive it.

If you are planning a family vacation and want to do some research, there is no need to buy the travel books at your nearest bookstore. Visit Travel Guides Free for free online travel guides. This site allows you to choose the most up to date travel brochures, vacation brochures, maps, and travel kits at no cost to you. Visit them online, and in three easy steps, you can order all the information you need to plan your next get away.

If you need to stretch a dollar thin, but have a new born or a toddler, Babies Online offers a list of recommended -- and free -- baby stuff. The list includes free coupons and samples for diapers, formula, and miscellaneous offers such as services to help your save for college tuition.

We could all use a little help with household chores. Wal Mart has offers for free samples of beauty products, free tools, and even music. A great one-stop shop to save some green, follow the directions on the website to receive free samples of a variety of household items. New offers are added on a regular basis.

We all know being a parent isn't easy, and even as the children get older, it doesn't seem to get easier. Late nights and early mornings? Get some free coffee to jump-start your day at Free Coffee Site. This site offers tons of deals on free coffee samples, including "Coffee Mocha" and "Coffee with Ginseng." Offers are only available in the U.S. and Canada.